Tandem skydiving jumps for passengers and students in Chile:

IV Region of Coquimbo: La Serena with beach landings and Ovalle valley.

V Region of Valparaiso: Viña Del Mar with beach landings at Playa del Deporte.


Sports Skydiving Jumps, Tandems for Passengers and Students: Tandem Jump with Selfie video in Viña del Mar, Casablanca, Ovalle and La Serena / Authorized skydive´s landings on the beach in Viña del Mar and Casablanca valley (V region of Valparaiso) and beach landings in La Serena and Ovalle valley (IV region of Coquimbo) – Chile – Skydive Viña.

Tandem jumps are a discipline of the skydiving sport, where you will be able to experience all the feelings of the free fall, achieving the sensation of flying, executing the activity together with a qualified Instructor, hooked through a special 4-point harness. After leave the aircraft, the tandem couple could be reaching a speed in free fall of approx. of 200 km/h. This experience can be lived between 30-45 seconds, depending of the conditions and weigths, to the opening height, at which point the instructor activates the parachute, to later experience the canopy flying in relaxing evolutions of between 4 to 7 minutes of overflight with the open parachute, until landing at the designated place (Playa del Deporte in Viña del Mar, V region of Valparaiso / La Florida Airport and Playa 4 Esquinas / Lighthouse Beach in La Serena, IV region of Coquimbo, Chile).

Our video´s options for your jump are; the video of your jump or the edition of the video with your music of your choice of the entire experience from interview, aircraft, canopy flying and greetings; videos can be filmed as follows:

Video Selfie: video filming of the jump from the wrist of the tandem instructor, from exit up to canopy opening.
External Videographer: video filming of a professional cameraman.
Videoclip Edition option: The video filming edition into a videoclip from training to landing, they are edited and transformed into a video with your music of your choice (2 songs), with which you will remember all this incredible experience in a unique way, for an additional value to the jump, and only available if the jump was purchased with video selfie and / or external cameraman options.

Tandem parachute jump with Selfie video Casablanca – Chile – Skydive Viña. Example of video of the jump for the purchase of video only (without Video Editing option).
Tandem skydiving jump, with video selfie (and Videoclip Editing option), landing in Playa del Deporte beach, Viña del Mar, V Region of Valparaiso, Chile – Skydive Viña

Skydiving Tandem Jumps in Chile: IV Region of Coquimbo – La Serena and Ovalle, Chile

Skydiving Tandem Jumps in Chile: V Region of Valparaiso – Viña del Mar, Chile

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